Medtech engineering and manufacturing
Medtech engineering and manufacturing

Electrosurgical Sealed Connector Case Study

The Situation

A surgical instruments company needed help integrating their capital systems with their surgical instruments.  The Medical Interconnects Division of Ametek EMC worked with this client to understand the specific need:

  • A detachable cable that provided signal and power from the capital system to the instrument.
  • A cable that required sealed connectors on each end.
  • Sealed connectors that would match and mate to the current ends of the existing system as costly changes to the device or capitol system were beyond the scope of this project.
  • And a manufacturer that warranted these cables for up to 300 autoclave sterilization cycles.

The challenge was the current cables from another contract manufacturer were failing prematurely due to cable flex failures and fluid ingress at the connector ends.

The Process

Ametek EMC brought the expertise it is known for in connector system design, including contacts and connector bodies, to design a solution specific for this harsh environment.  By quickly integrating into the client’s quality and engineering teams, the Ametek design team was able to help drive to the finalization of the root cause failure for the current product.

The design team then took what they had learned about the current situation and clinical use of the product to expand the design goals of the project.  The Ametek EMC team knew they could design a detachable cable with sealed connector ends that would integrate into the existing system, but what they proposed was a design that would feature all the client needed with the addition of removing the customer’s costly 3rd party sealing process.

The Solution

The Ametek EMC team delivered to the client an enterprise solution that required no device or capital equipment changes, by designing and manufacturing a cable with:

  • Two connectors that are near hermetic that exceed the sterilization and fluid ingress requirements threefold.
  • Cable design that addressed the root causes for field failures.
  • Component cost within the cost saving initiative for the project
  • Manufacturing processes engineered to meet all critical to quality characteristics and cosmetics.

Through the ability to leverage significant economies of scale and materials sourcing, Ametek Engineered Medical Components was able to provide the customer with a higher quality cable…at a lower price than the current, sub-optimal product offering.

Electrosurgical Sealed Connector Case Study

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