Medtech engineering and manufacturing
Medtech engineering and manufacturing

Medical Precision Components

Ametek EMC engineers and manufactures precision components for all types of medical devices and systems.


  • Excimer UV Laser skiving, drilling, etching and marking
  • Solid State UV Laser cutting and marking
  • CO2 IR Laser ablating
  • Nd:YAG Laser micro-welding
  • Fiber Laser metal cutting
  • Advanced automation and machine vision
  • 3D rapid prototyping
  • Fine wire twisting, serving, shielding, extrusion and cabling

Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Catheter component design and full catheter assembly
  • Catheter electrode configuration and laser welded electrode assemblies
  • Design and manufacture of catheter electrode spline components and spline assemblies
  • Precision laser ablation of coils and PTFE coated guidewires
  • Precision laser ablated and custom Indicators (UID, DFMA and Brand) etching lead bodies
  • Laser drilled, skived and marked catheter shaft tubes
  • Cable design, micro cabling and ultrasound cable assemblies
  • High-Density, precision pitch fine wire termination
  • Precision laser ablation of wire and discreet sensors
  • Laser micro-welded sub-assemblies

Value-added Services

  • Clean room manufacturing
  • Packaging for point of use
  • Continuous reel-to-reel wire processing
  • Serial number management and control
  • Infinity QS statistical process control reporting
  • Source inspection for dock-to-stock
  • Validation and first article inspection
  • Development lab for quick-turn prototyping
  • Development and sustaining teams aligned with customer teams
Medical Precision Components

40 Years of Medical Device Experience